Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Order A Kindle Book Cover?

Simply press the Pay Pal button that you can find under each page for ordering your Kindle Book Cover! We will get back to you with a briefing form for your order.

Or you can start with contacting us either by filling in the contact form that you will find under the Menu called “Contact us” or simply by e-mailing us at: support@kindlebooksgraphics.com

Just tell us the title of your Kindle Book and the niche of it, and we will get back to you with questions and suggestions as soon as possible!


How Do I Pay For My Kindle Book Cover?

You will pay for your Kindle Book Cover through Paypal.


When Do I Get My Kindle Book Cover After Placing An Order?

You will get your Kindle Book Cover in 7 working days from the day we recieve your order! If You have any special requirements regarding your order, just let us know and we will try to satisfy your needs.


How Do You Deliver My Kindle Book Cover?

We will send you a link where you can download the Kindle Book Cover as a zipfile directly to your desktop!


What If I Don´t Like The Design Of My Kindle Book Cover?

If you don´t like the design of your Kindle Book Cover we will give you the choice of two free rounds of revisions or half the money back. You need to understand though that if you don´t like the design and do receive a refund of half the money back, you won’t be able to use the design, under any circumstances.


In What File Format Will You Send My Kindle Book Cover, And In What Resolution Will It Be?

Your Kindle Book Cover is supplied in 1667 X 2500 pixels format. This is the for Kindle according to the latest Kindle Publishing Platform guidelines: With this format your covers will be supported on iPad and the new Kindle Fire. Your Kindle Book Cover will have a resolution of 72 DPI and it will come as a JPEG file.

Graphic images that are designed for the web, mening to be viewed on a computer screen has the recommended Resolution of 72 dpi. A higher dpi for this usage has no improved visual effect at all. So you need to know that you wont be able to print your Kindle Book Cover without being blurry, as prints need a higher resolution than web graphics.  For printing sharp images 300dpi is recommended.

Do I Own The Rights For The Kindle Book Cover That You Have Created To Me?

Yes! You will own the Copyright for the Kindle Book Cover that we have designed for you. However, you need to know that your Kindle Book Cover may contain stock images that we have modified, so you can only use those images on your Kindle Book Cover.


I Want To Have The Image You Used For My Kindle Book Cover, Is It Possible To Send It To Me?

If you require the image used for your Kindle Book Cover for other promotional material just let us know and we can help you out where to purchase it (unmodified)  if it is a Stock Image. If Its a photo taken by us at Kindle Book Graphics we need to make a seperate deal for that. We can not under any circumstances just give you the image for free. But You can of course use your Kindle Book Cover as you wish, because you will own the copyright for the cover.